Pre-Hire Assessment Tests (ADMIN-001)
Pre-Hire Assessment Tests (ADMIN-001)
These tests can be given to applicants to test for compentency in a range of areas.
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Maintenance Assessment Test (ADMIN-004)
Maintenance Assessment Test (ADMIN-004)
These basic informational test are used to assess the skill level of the entry level maintenance technician.
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Mechanical Assessment Test (ADMIN-007)
Mechanical Assessment Test (ADMIN-007)
These tests determine the level of competence for a technician working as or applying for the position of a mechanic at MMS.
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Employee Orientation (1 Hour) (ADMIN-102)
Employee Orientation (1 Hour) (ADMIN-102)
These courses establish the common values for MMS and detail the guideline for each employee.
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Workplace Leadership (24 Hours) (ADMIN-104)
Workplace Leadership (24 Hours) (ADMIN-104)
This course is designed to provide an overview of difficulties that may arise in the workplace and introduces strategies for resolution or prevention. This guide should not be taken as company policy. Every situation you may encounter is...
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Customer Relations (1 Hour) (ADMIN-106)
Customer Relations (1 Hour) (ADMIN-106)
This material details how to keep a customer and how they would like to be respected and treated.
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Cost Reduction (2 Hours) (ADMIN-107)
Cost Reduction (2 Hours) (ADMIN-107)
Course designed to provide introductory training to cost awareness and reduction. Upon completion a trainee should be capable of determining how to safely reduce costs without jeopardizing productivity, safety, or the quality of work done.
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Electrician Assessment Tests (ADMIN-110)
Electrician Assessment Tests (ADMIN-110)
These basic information tests are used to determine the level of competency for an employee or applicant.
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Electronics Assessment Test (ADMIN-114)
Electronics Assessment Test (ADMIN-114)
This battery of tests can be used to determine the level of expertise for an Electronics Technician.
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SAP Training (ADMIN-121)
SAP Training (ADMIN-121)
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